This survey is about finding out if an application, e.g. in the smartphone, which is simulating a card is, at the same time replacing several cards, would be of interest among individuals. By replacing a card it is meant a physical card from a company, such as IKEA, or from somewhere else, such as a library, institution, etc.

The application (CC app) is made to register and save cards (e.g. an IKEA card) and fetching it from the CC app to scan in respective store to retrieve points, etc.

It is presumed that the security, layout, etc. in the CC app will be integrated and significantly improved. It is recommended to use the app in a smartphone. The app can be tested at and (or only) answer the survey which follows. The survey is completely anonymous.

What is your age?

What is your localization?

Have you used the CC app from your computer or something else, such as a smartphone?

Do you find that it is or would be more flexible to have an application such as the CC app which is acting as a gathering place for your cards to keep track of instead of several physical cards?

Do you find that it is or would be more flexible to have the CC app which provides all or most of your cards instead of having to bring along your cards or think about which cards to bring when shopping?

Do you find that it is or would be more flexible to register a card in the CC app by being provided, for example, a card number and a PIN code from e.g. a company by email, regular mail, etc. instead of going through the process manually of getting a card from the company?

Do you believe it feels safer to not have to give out your ID-card or social security number in the store when using the CC app instead of the company’s physical card?

Would you prefer receive advertisements or offers, etc. from the companies you have a card registered with in the CC app compared to receiving it as regular mail or email?

Would you prefer instead of the CC app to use a real physical main card which acts as the CC app?

Your own reflections (optional):